After 4 months of citizen consultation with the CitizenLab platform Demain Mons, the city of Mons (in Belgium) decides to carry on the experience.

The Demain Mons platform takes place within the making of the 2025 city masterplan and allows a dialogue between the city and its citizens. The online citizen platform is associated with offline Creative Valley meetings, which are moments of exchange and discussion completing the whole participation process and giving the opportunity to participate to even more people. Other citizen meetings with the Mayor and the Council are also planned.

Demain Mons: some figures

  • 754 ideas shared on the platform are now examined by the city administration
  • 8,000+ visitors who came on the platform to consult, comment or add ideas, which is more than 8% of the population of Mons
  • 25-34 years old: the most represented group on the platform, with about 30% visitors – a real success for the city of Mons who really wished to target the youth of the city

What are the citizens talking about on Demain Mons?

Here are the top 5 most discussed topics on the platform:

  1. Mobility
  2. Culture and tourism
  3. Safety
  4. Cleanliness
  5. Social cohesion

Amongst the most popular ideas, we can find the following: a cycle-friendly city, the creation of a green walking path, the organisation of sports events or the renovation of the Waux-Hall into a more convivial place. For sure, t citizens didn’t lack creativity!

demain mons participation citoyenne

The Key Success Factors of Demain Mons

1) The involvement of the city employees, who are now going to analyse the citizen proposals

2) A creative communication:

– On the intranet towards other city employees

– On the internet and on Social Media

– In public places and neighbourhood premises with displays

3) The advice from the CitizenLab team at each step of the online participation process

What’s next?

Now, all the proposals are going to be analysed by the city administration of Mons in order to decide whether they can be selected and integrated to the city master plan and the strategic objectives. For the results, the date is set to January 21st 2018 at the Manège Theatre in Mons.

The platform stays online: it’s a way to communicate with the citizens who voted or shared their ideas. It’s a very transparent and convenient mean to explain the ideas analysis process and to keep the citizens posted on the status.

Want to know more?

Go here to discover more about the CitizenLab platform !




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